Friday, August 20, 2010

Design Inspiration:Shine 2001

Used to be real big on parties in New England and have this giant collection of flyers from 99-2004. These flyers were a huge inspiration for me when I first started doing graphics work around the end of that era. I was going through some stuff at the house and stumbled on my collection of big flyers that don't fit into 8x11 folders and figured it'd be cool to put some of these things back out there in the universe.

This one is for an event that was called Shine put on by Kingsize and massconcerts that took place at the Worcester Palladium June 9, 2001. The flyer is about 18" wide and when its opened up, its about 24" tall. When I started taking the photos (I don't have a scanner that big), I realized - the woman in the design is levitating over a flying, futuristic 8-color screen printing press (Awesome). I see she has 4 arms, but I bet she runs the squeegees with her mind - just 'cause she can. Feeling the orange, blue, silver, white colorway and the accents separating the two rooms on the inside of the flyer are well done.

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