Wednesday, October 28, 2009

iPhone sketch

I grabbed the free version of the SketchBookX app from the app store the other day. I gotta say, this is one of the best apps a creative person can own. I've been using it whenever I get a seat on the train and/or bus on the commute to and from work (you need two hands once you get into it). The free version gets you 3 layers to play with, a pen & brush tool, an eraser (wish this had a brush size option), color wheel, and a tool that creates a symmetrical version of every brush stroke you make. Here's a sketch I did on my way down to Lucy Parson's Center and back home (2 orange line trains, 2 red line trains, and a bus ride).


evokerone said...

Wow this looks cool, and your commute sounds horrible.

jaylac said...

Yes sir. There's nothing like thinking "I just want to be home already" and knowing you have two trains and a bus ride in front of you

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