Thursday, July 30, 2009

Worst T ad ever

When you are a commuter that relies on public transport everyday, there's nothing worse than a horribly put together advertisement staring you in the face for a half an hour. I've seen this particular ad a few times and it has irked me, but today was different.

Today there was a woman sitting down in front of me with two small children who were standing up in their seats the whole train ride. Punching each other in the face and screeching at the top of their little lungs while they spilled cheerios all over the place, I had to focus on not thinking about the accidents that have happened on the T this year.

I looked to the wall for a place to focus and all I find is this ad. I've taken the liberty of blocking out the name of the company in case this is some genious attempt at a viral ad campaign... It's hard to pinpoint exactly what bothers me the most, but I think its the drop shadow mixed with the bad cutout job on this guys hair that really gets me. But then again, it could be the fact that the company's tagline is "Your community credit union" and all that's listed is a website and 800 number. Either way, I can't wait to see this one go.

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